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Robyn Luscombe

Photo of Robyn Luscombe

Robyn has been in the veterinary world for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She got her start in the industry during a high school work experience at a local Squamish clinic and from there went to Kamloops to complete a two-year vet tech program.

She then returned to Squamish where she met Dr. Melanie Armstrong, helping her to open Eagleview Veterinary Hospital in 2006. Together they grew it from a one vet clinic to the large hospital that it is today! In 2017 Robyn became Eagleview's hospital manager and played a huge role in designing their new facility and moving them to their new space.

Throughout her career she has trained and assisted many high school students in starting a career in veterinary medicine. Robyn has also been recently involved in mentoring and training multiple hospital directors for NVA across North America yet has maintained her passion for local hospital leadership. We are so lucky to have her join us as we continue to grow as a hospital!

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