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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency


Call us immediately.

We accept emergencies, "walk-in" urgent cases, direct transfers, and referrals from family veterinarians.

Our veterinarians and support staff are trained to immediately assist, triage, and manage any medical and surgical emergency, as well as non-critical concerns. Conveniently located on Hwy 1 in North Vancouver. We have ample parking available, including underground parking with easy access to the emergency elevator.

Our experienced veterinarians and staff will:

Triage the Patient

Upon arrival at the hospital’s emergency department, we will immediately triage and transport your pet to the emergency bay in order to examine and stabilize. This may include placing a catheter in order to quickly administer pain or seizure control or any other necessary medications intravenously. It may also include providing oxygen, taking blood or urine samples. Our goal at this point is first and foremost to stabilize a life-threatening or critical situation and make your pet comfortable.

Consult the Parent

Once we have taken steps to relieve your pet’s pain, anxiety, or discomfort, one of our veterinarians will discuss with you the recommended next steps or options. This could include many things- further diagnostics such as x-rays or ultrasound; hospitalizing for treatment; sending home for monitoring and with medication or sometimes, the difficult option of humane euthanasia. During this time, we will also provide you with a written estimate of the associated costs.

Treat the Patient

Should your pet be hospitalized for further diagnostics or treatment, our medical team will keep you updated at least once per shift on the condition of your animal as well as any changes in treatment. Regardless of how long your pet stays with us, all medical records will be sent to your regular veterinarian, if you have one, in a timely manner. Upon discharge, we will provide you with any recommended medications, diet, and recommended follow-up either by Mountainside or by your regular veterinarian.

If your pet is experiencing a veterinary emergency in North Vancouver, BC, Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency is here to help.

We hope you never have to experience the truly distressing ordeal of having to take your pet to a hospital for any critical or emergent care. We are all pet owners and truly recognize the fact that animals are an integral part of your family. We appreciate the absolute trust and vulnerability you must have in these situations and will do everything we can to minimize you and your pet’s stress, pain, and suffering. We also realize the financial stress this can place on you during an already stressful time. We advocate planning in advance with pet insurance and can help you with third-party financing as another option. We will never turn an animal away and as a minimum will treat for pain and suffering. Please note that we have the facility, equipment, and a high-level medical team to manage most cases.

Female staff member with a small dog at Mountainside Animal Hospital

New Patients

Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency is here to provide you with a new client and patient information form to fill out before your visit.

New Patient Forms