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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

Jamie Hurst

Jamie Hurst and her white chihuahua

Meet Jamie Hurst!

Raised in rural Niagara, Ontario, Jamie made the long road trip to Vancouver with her three pets in the summer of 2020. Jamie has long had a passion for animals that started early with a rambunctious tabby named Marbles. Jamie has always had animals in her life, and now has a chihuahua named Winnie, as well as two cats named Indiana and Skipper.

Jamie has been working within veterinary medicine for the past five years. Starting her career in emergency veterinary medicine in Ontario, Mountainside Animal Emergency has been a perfect fit. Jamie has been with MAE for two and a half years and is a veterinary assistant, and event coordinator extraordinaire. Responsible for assisting DVMs and Technicians with our cases, Jamie always sports a positive attitude. Her infectious attitude has not gone unnoticed, and as MAE's event coordinator, Jamie plans lots of fun activities and team building ventures for our staff.

Jamie and her work exemplify the benefits of prioritizing a work-life balance. Veterinary medicine is a serious and vital field, but setting aside time to unwind and bond with the team is equally important. Thank you, Jamie, for all your hard work this year!