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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

September 2023: Charlie Brown

xray of dog's abdomen

By: Alexandra Sloman

Good Grief! Charlie Brown presented to Mountainside when his owners noticed that he had ongoing vomiting and a decreased appetite. Upon examination, he had a hunched appearance, indicating the presence of pain in his abdomen.

To further investigate Charlie's condition and determine the best course of treatment, diagnostic tests were recommended. These included bloodwork and sedated abdominal radiographs to assess his internal organs and detect any abnormalities. Given Charlie's dehydration, it was also recommended he be started on intravenous fluid therapy (IVFT) to rehydrate him.

Radiographs revealed a large rock inside his intestine causing a blockage. An exploratory laparotomy was performed under general anesthesia to remove it. The surgery went well. Charlie Brown did experience some vomiting post-op, so he was monitored very closely for potential complications or signs of aspiration (fluid entering the lungs). He continued to receive IVFT and pain medications, as well as antibiotics.

After 48 hours of close monitoring in the hospital, Charlie Brown was able to return home to his family where he was greatly missed. No more snacking on rocks, Charlie!