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November 2023: Yoda

November Case Study Yoda

Yoda, a 5-year-old domestic short-haired feline, has endured a series of health challenges over the course of his relatively short life. Fortunately, he was adopted as a kitten by a veterinary technician, whose unwavering commitment to his well-being has been exemplary.

At the age of 4, Yoda had already grappled with respiratory infections and hypothyroidism. However, it was at this juncture that his owner observed the emergence of scabs and pruritus affecting his ears and the base of his tail. This discovery prompted an investigative pursuit to find the underlying etiology of these symptoms. As Yoda's condition deteriorated, an array of diagnostic procedures, including hematological and urinalysis tests, fungal cultures, and allergy assessments, were performed.

Ultimately, a definitive diagnosis was obtained when skin biopsies revealed the presence of an autoimmune disorder, Pemphigus Foliaceus. Luckily, although it can’t be cured, a therapeutic regimen involving prednisolone administration was introduced with remarkable efficacy. Following initial improvements, attempts to taper the prednisolone dose brought a resurgence of symptoms, leading to the establishment of a long-term treatment plan. Long term prednisolone does not come without its risks and side effects, so Yoda is still regularly monitored, and his owner ensures any concerns are addressed quickly.

We’re so glad we could find the root cause of Yoda’s dermatological condition and develop a treatment plan that manages his symptoms so effectively. Yoda is one tough kitty!