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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

June 2023: Monet

Monet dog poodle

Ms. Monet visited Mountainside late one night after an afternoon snack caused her to vomit and start to pant excessively. Monet's treat of choice that day had been her owner's scones, containing upwards of 56 raisins! Because grape and raisin ingestion can be quite dangerous for dogs and can often lead to acute kidney injury so we're glad that Monet's owner made the smart choice to bring her in. Our first course of action was to induce emesis using apomorphine. This was successful and Monet brought up a significant volume of raisins. Considering the timeframe and magnitude of the ingestion, hospitalization was advised as a precautionary measure.

During her hospital stay spanning slightly over two days, Monet received specialized care comprising intravenous fluid therapy and activated charcoal administration to facilitate toxin elimination. Rigorous monitoring ensued, involving periodic blood tests to assess renal function. Initial bloodwork revealed a slight elevation in white blood cell count, plausibly attributable to post-spay surgical inflammation. However, subsequent evaluations demonstrated values well within acceptable ranges. After an approximate 48-hour observation period, Monet was discharged, free from renal injury and armed with newfound awareness to abstain from raisins.

The exact mechanism by which grapes affect a dog's kidneys is not fully understood. However, grapes and raisins have been found to be toxic to dogs, potentially leading to acute kidney failure. It is believed that certain substances within grapes can damage the kidneys and impair their normal functioning. This can result in a range of symptoms and complications, including decreased urine production, electrolyte imbalances, and potentially irreversible damage to the kidneys if not treated promptly.

Following her release, Monet dutifully returned for her 72-hour blood work, which confirmed her complete recovery from the incident. We emphasize the paramount importance of seeking immediate veterinary attention in instances of suspected grape or raisin ingestion. Our compassionate and dedicated team stands ready to provide comprehensive assistance around the clock. Monet's successful outcome serves as a testament to our commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our patients.