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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

June Case Study: Daisy

June Case Study Daisy Image

One evening, Daisy, a petite dog suspected of being pregnant, began showing unmistakable signs of labor. Seemingly struggling, she was brought to Mountainside where an X-ray unveiled a surprising challenge: a single, extremely large puppy. Given Daisy’s small frame, the oversized pup was in distress, evidenced by the puppy’s low heart rate.

As the veterinary team and owner debated between a natural delivery and an emergency cesarean section, Daisy, in a stunning display of determination, delivered a healthy male pup all by herself. At first quiet, the newborn quickly sprang to life, his cries filling the room after the membranes were cleared. Initially aloof, Daisy transformed before our eyes, tenderly caring for her pup who eagerly began nursing after their heartwarming introduction.

The veterinary team equipped Daisy's owner with all the essential tips for nurturing the thriving duo. Once fully prepared, mother and pup headed home, both flourishing. A charming snapshot of the five-week-old puppy underscores this joyful tale. We're elated to have played a part in Daisy's miraculous and heartwarming delivery.