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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

January 2024: Rosie

Rosie in the snow

Sweet Rosie’s owners took her to her family vet when they noticed she had began vomiting undigested food that progressed to bile, and she had lost her appetite. Her family vet was concerned that she may have developed an intestinal foreign body. Diagnostic bloodwork and radiographs were performed which strongly suggested the presence of a foreign body in her intestine.

Rosie was transferred to Mountainside to undergo intensive supportive care overnight and IV fluids while her radiographs were interpreted by a radiologist (specialized veterinarian trained in interpreting radiographs). The results came back positive for a foreign body which meant the next step for Rosie was to undergo an exploratory surgery to remove the mystery object. Rosie was sedated and during her surgery a stick was removed from the intestines! Rosie recovered well from her sedation, and she stayed in the intensive care unit for two days post operation to ensure she was recovering safely.

Throughout her stay, she received pain medications, antibiotics, and was given a special post op diet that is easily digestible to benefit her gastro tract. Her attitude continued to improve and she received many cuddles and love from the entire team due to her sweet nature.

On day two post op, she was able to return home to her family with continued antibiotics and pain relief to get her through her recovery. Since her operation, she has been doing fantastic and is back to her usual playful self!