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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

February 2024: Rambo

Cat in a bowl

Rambo, a playful 3-year-old cat, made his way to Mountainside when his owner noticed him vomiting repeatedly throughout the house. The presence of elastic and plant material in the vomit immediately raised concerns, pointing towards a potential foreign body obstruction.

Diagnostics were recommended to confirm the suspicion, leading to revealing radiographs that showed Rambo had ingested something he shouldn't have. With this confirmation, the owner was advised that an endoscopy was the best course of action for removing the foreign material. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt, surgery would be the next step. Rambo's owner gave consent, and he underwent a successful endoscopy, extracting two lengthy strands of black linear material from his stomach.

After the procedure, Rambo was prescribed anti-nausea and gastroprotectant medications. Once he recovered from sedation, he was able to head home. Rambo underwent a quick recovery and is now showing no lasting effects from his little adventure.