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Tucker & the Dangers of Giving Dogs Bones

A brown and white dog named Tucker

17 Nov

Tucker visits us often, despite his anxiety about going to the vet. This time he came in for straining to defecate. His owner was able to feel a sharp object that he was unable to pass. He was sedated, and a 4cm fragment of bone was removed from his rectum. Bones are dangerous to chew on for dogs and can cause serious injury. Sometimes, sneaky dogs will secretly pick them up and ingest them on walks or pull them out of the garbage. The risks of chewing on bones are breaking teeth, injuries to the mouth and tongue, and sharp pieces damaging the esophagus, stomach or intestines. If the bone fragments are large, they may be unable to exit the stomach and then would have to be removed by surgery or endoscopy. Or, like in Tucker’s case, the bones can pass all the way through the gastrointestinal system but get stuck in the rectum. There is a rumour that bones are good for the dental health of dogs. Bones should not be given to dogs, but there are a number of dental health chews available that are safe for your dog to chew on. Look for a label that says they have the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of approval.