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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency


Charlie, a cute black puppy

Meet Charlie, a mischievous black lab puppy with a knack for causing a ruckus.

One night, as the family said their goodnights, Charlie noticed the sock her human brother was wearing on his hands to cover his moisturizer. Seizing the moment, she playfully snatched the sock off his hand. The chase was on! Charlie darted around the house in a spirited game of "catch me if you can," before ultimately swallowing the sock.

Panicked, her owners rushed her to Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency. The skilled team promptly induced vomiting, and to everyone's relief, Charlie successfully brought up the sock. Sock ingestion can be extremely dangerous for dogs, leading to intestinal blockages and requiring emergency intervention. Luckily, Charlie is back to her playful self, but her family is keeping a closer eye on her adventuresome antics to prevent any future close calls!