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Mountainside 24/7 Animal Emergency

Emergency of the Week – Cake

An orange and black cat named Cake

10 Nov

Recently, she had a rhinoscopy as the next diagnostic step. This is a procedure done under general anesthetic, where a scope is passed through the nares to visualize internal structures.

She is awaiting the results of biopsies taken during the procedure. If this doesn’t give clear results, the next step would be a referral for a CT scan.

Cake is normally a shy girl, but while she was recovering from her anesthetic, she became the purring queen of the hospital. She found the sedation and anesthetic drugs to be quite pleasant and seemed to enjoy her time at Mountainside.

At Mountainside, we provide 24-hour emergency care. In addition, our team of emergency veterinarians are capable of performing emergency surgeries. Occasionally, we will bring in mobile veterinarians with special training to help your pet if they have complex surgical or diagnostic needs.