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Lead Client Service Representative


Nathalia at Mountainside Animal Hospital

Lead Client Service Representative


Where are you from and how long have you lived in Vancouver?

I'm from Brazil and have been living here for three years.

Why did you choose to become an RVT/VA/CSR?

I have always loved animals, but I am also very good at dealing with people and customers, so I combined both.

What do you love most about being an RVT/VA/CSR?

I love seeing the reunion between animals and their families during the discharge; it is inspiring and warms my heart.

What advice would you give someone entering emergency veterinary medicine as an RVT/VA/CSR? And what skills are most important?

I recommend studying a lot about animals and the industry. But taking care of yourself along the way is essential - the job can be stressful and challenging.

Tell us about a special animal memory.

A special memory for me is when I adopted my first cat. He looked like Gollum and was in terrible condition. He helped me during a difficult time of my life, and I helped him; now he is a big, spoiled boy :D